Santa Clara County faces a housing crisis. The crisis has developed over a number of decades, with multiple political, economic, and social factors contributing to the under supply of housing that is affordable to all.

Here at the SV@Home Resource Hub, you can learn about these policy solutions we advocate for, sift through the data that underlies our analysis of the housing crisis’s root causes, and learn about our advocacy campaigns in different jurisdictions.

We encourage you to check back regularly to discover new updates, and we hope that you will use this information to Learn, Act, and Engage!

Featured Update:

We are over half way through the current Housing Element eight year cycle. The County overall is very far behind on affordable housing production. Visit the City and Public Agencies page to see city by city progress.

Housing Topics

General information designed to promote a better understanding of housing-related issues, including homelessness, housing costs, and jobs/housing balance.

Cities and Public Agencies

Housing-related data, updates on housing policies, and actions taken in Santa Clara County’s 16 jurisdictions in response to the housing crisis.

Policy Solutions

A collection of strategies, solutions, and policies, along with SV@Home’s recommended actions aimed at alleviating the housing crisis.